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Does deliver?

We deliver our bouquets occasionally. The delivery is only available in Leicester and cost £5 within 7 miles of glen parva and £10 if further.

How is different from other florists?

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How do I place an order?

To place an order you will need to contact us via social media, watsapp, email or give us a call on +447576618409.

 You will also need to give at least 2 DAYS NOTICE as all of the bouquets are freshly made before collection.

What do i do with it?

To make the bouquet more joyable I’ll tell you what to do with it:

- Don’t put it in the water as all of the flowers are already in flasks with water;

- I recommend to put the bouquet in a cool place;

- I don’t recommend to take off the protective film from the sliced fruits and open the pomegranates.

Can I eat it?

Chocolate strawberry bouquets are ready to eat.

The rest of my bouquets are made as an interior decoration but if You decide to try it, here is some things you need to know:

- Before consume, fruits, vegetables and berries needs to be washed;

- I recommend to eat the bouquet within first 48 hours 

-store in a cool place  


- If you want to try the nuts with painted shells, carefully check the inside: the nuts should not be painted;
- painted nuts and other elements are decorative and must not be consumed.

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